Zaiyu Wang

I graduated in 2018 Climate Dynamics PhD program, George Mason University. My work studies the role of coupling in climate simulations. I use CESM slab ocean model (SOM) coupled to CAM4/5 to investigate SST forced response with or without coupling, or mixed coupling in a “pacemaker” run. I also perform climate sensitivity experiments with the slab ocean model.
My favorite part of research is to explain model results using theoretical models, which always improve my understanding of the climate.

Climate Sensitivity to Mixed Layer Depth. Wang et al. (2019) Shading shows local min/max span of zonal mean monthly climatology for (a) SST and (b) rainfall.
Surface Temperature and precipitation changes due to Q-flux changes in the boxed region, for the Pacific in CAM3, 4 and 5. Zuidema et al. (2016)